Our customer focused CMS is designed to combine the complex, multiple functionalities with user friendly interface, therefore users do not need to have programming knowledge to UPDATE their website contents. UPDATE usually refers to the process of creating, editiing and publishing contents.

Our CMS normally include the following features:
  • administrators access structure to suit management personnel structure for large, medium & small organisations;
  • overall control panel to edit menus, set key words for search engine crawlers;
  • product control. descriptions, images, stocks, prices;
  • documents control. press, report, blog, forum, texts, images;
  • membership control. member login secured by username and password, my account, order status;
  • font, size, colour, copy & paste, upload images to edit your site with ease and flexibility;
And many more.

We have been consistently developing our CMS since we started. The latest version will have features that will bring more flexibility to users. The current version has inner page layout functionalities already, which will be further extended to all pages including home page. The coming new version 3.5 will be one of the most flexible CMS for large, medium and small organisations and individuals. With version 3.5, users can edit text, images and re-arrange layout of pages. This development will make a website always look fresh, users can easily make a new look at anytime according to their plans and focuses.

Version 3.5, according to our plan, will become available in late spring 2012.

The current version 2.5 will be still available for organisations and individuals who do not have budget for v3.5 after v3.5 is available.