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Three Tips For Website Promotions   by Rolando Valdes

in Website Promotion    (submitted 2009-06-08)

Three Tips For Website Promotions

Website promotions are not that different from promoting a brick and mortar store. They are all about branding. Branding is getting your company associated with a product. When you think about Pepsi© you can see the logo and almost taste the drink. You see their name and logo everywhere you go. That is branding at its best. Their website promotions depend on that branding. You need to learn how to do the same thing. Here are three tips to help you promote your website.

Email Marketing

In order to launch a successful e-mail website promotion you must reach the right targeted audience. To do that you may have to do one of two things: have a customer tracking system in place or buy a targeted mailing list.

By having a customer tracking system in place, you have the whole system licked. You have your customers' needs at your fingertips and can target your e-mails towards those needs. Should that not be available to you then you might have to go with option two

A targeted mailing list is not always the easiest thing to come by. Most companies protect their lists. Luckily there are businesses out there that make their money selling names and the products that the people on the list are interested in. Survey companies make a fortune doing this. If you cannot find one, maybe you could use a web service that has a list and is willing to send your e-mails for you. You will have to pay a premium for that service, so make sure it is worth it to you and your website promotions.

Press Releases

Press releases are great for letting people know about your website promotions. If there is enough news in it, your press release could be carried by a news service. That will really boost your branding and make any of your website promotions successful. Write these carefully. Any misspellings or grammatical errors will ruin an otherwise perfect press release. If the release doesn't go over, neither will your website promotions.

Direct Mail

How can printed material have anything to do with website promotions? It so simple it ceases to be obvious. Many people doubt what they see on the internet. They think it is too good to be true, simply because they saw it on the web. Those same people will by into the same offer if it is in print. There is still a feeling of unease on the internet that a piece of paper in hand doesn't have to overcome. Website promotions have to be backed up by print promotions if at all possible.

There are three easy steps to website promotions. Keep all of them in mind even if you can't follow through on all three of them. Website promotions can be a successful tool to increase traffic and sales if you are able to back them up with emails, direct mail, and press release submissions.