Site Rubix - Website Development Tool

Every Internet marketers need a website development tool to ensure the continuation of their business. Well, some internet marketers of course do not see this as a necessary or must have tool because they can outsource building and developing their websites, but some internet marketers want to do that themselves. However website developers, which in some level can be considered as internet marketers, will need this tool no matter how. We'll discuss the necessity of this tool as a whole, which means in the internet marketing world. We assume that website development tool is the same with website builder.

There are two groups in this case including a group who needs a website development tool and another group who wants a website development tool. We have seen so many tools out there for grab either it is free or paid. We'll come back to that later upon investigating those two groups.

Why do people need this tool? One reason is because they have to build and develop their website because they can not afford to employ others' to do that for them.

Why do people want this tool? That is because they do not waste their money to employ others to create and develop their website. Website developers certainly are out from these two categories, because their job is indeed to build and develop website for others and get payment in return.

We have seen so many tools like Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage, NVU, Weebly, and so on. Let see an example for the paid tool like Dreamweaver, This is a very sophisticated tool since there are two interfaces that enable you to see the design and codes. Somehow you still have to spend several hours or even days to finish building one website. Yes, you have to at least know programming because you will be dealing with codes.

What about the free version, NVU, it is not as sophisticated as Dreamweaver but one word that makes it worth to use is free, still you are dealing again with HTML codes or CSS and you have to spend most of your time doing that. Do not forget there is one free website development tool which can be used online, it is Weebly. This tool is worth a try, however it does lack a lot of feature and you are will only allowed to build a simple website. Not ugly but simple. Simple may mean professional or unprofessional, most of them mean unprofessional.

What if there is a website development tool that can help you save your time, you can build a professional website in less than 10 minutes, also save you from experiencing headache while dealing with the unwanted and boring codes. You can drag and drop whatever you want your website to look like while you are building it and enable you to do a lot of stuffs in a small amount of time?