Offline Website Promotion - Get Your Site Seen Today

There is so much hype about website promotion on the internet and false promises on how you can get your site seen by "Millions of visitor within 24 hours" that I wanted to focus this article on promoting your site offline.

There are many ways to promote your website offline that can draw visitors to your website literally within hours, and maybe even minutes.

Here are some suggestions:

1. You can have business cards created, by yourself or a professional printer, and post them at different bulletin boards in your local area. There are bulletin boards in many public places that people will see your business card if you put it there. Places to look for bulletin boards are community colleges, universities, laundry-mats, libraries, supermarkets, grocery stores, and parks. Just brainstorm and keep an eye out for bulletin boards and you will start to find really good places to post your business card. I suggest only putting your website address and a description of your site or a cool slogan on the business card. Don't bother putting any personal information on it since it is the website you want people to visit. Of course, if you are operating a local business and you do want people to contact you directly then putting personal information on your card may be what you want to do. Business cards are a great website promotion offline.

2. You can put an ad in your local trading post publication. There are many of these small publications known by various different names. In my area, we have a "Bulletin Board" and a "Thrifty Nickel". A nice size display ad is only $45.00 for four weeks. A lot of people buy these papers because they are looking for good deals on second-hand items. I used to work for one of the trading post publications and I know they are a great way to advertise. There are people that are religious about getting the trading post paper as soon as it hits the shelves at the convenience stores because they want to grab up the best deals before someone else does. And, of course, some of the people are re-sellers that want to buy the good deals and re-sell the items on the internet. So, you know there is an internet using crowd out there that buys these very useful trading post papers. These trading post papers get into the hands of thousands of people! Putting an ad in one is definitely a wise investment and very low cost. In our local publications they offer a page on the back that you can put an ad in a special section that only costs a dollar per week. You certainly can't beat that deal to entice traffic to your site. Trading post publications are a great website promotion offline.

3. Another traffic-generating website promotion offline is with clothing. You can get different friends and family (and yourself) to wear T-shirts or logo shirts with your domain name on it. You can even think up a really cool slogan that gives people an idea about your site in just a few words. This will cause people will get intrigued and want to visit your site to find out more. Also, tote bags, hats, and other accessories can be used as tools to promote your site. Clothing is a great website promotion offline.