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Just What Are Actually The Variations Between Website Development & Internet Site Design?   by Zed Chamaa

in Website Promotion    (submitted 2012-05-09)

Just what is website development? While a large number of individuals believe it's merely one more name for website design, it's in fact much more.

In broad terms, website design is what a visitor to an internet site sees and how he or she browses through and interacts with the site. Web page layout predominantly deals with user experience and the internet site's looks-- its theme, colours, navigation and similar considerations.

And while website design can be considered a part of what is website development, the latter is actually more about what's going on behind the scenes, the backend programming that delivers the characteristics and functions of a website that make it possible for website visitors to interact with the website.

A Closer Look At Exactly what Is Internet site Development

While it would certainly be challenging to list all that's considered a part of what is web development, a few of the functions it deals with includes ecommerce, content management systems, SEO optimization, social media development, mobile applications, and a wide variety of other database applications.

Tools of the trade for the web programmer feature programming tools like PHP, Javascript, XML, ASP, and SQL. And, of course, both internet designers and web programmers share knowledge of HTML, CSS and many other coding languages.

Questions Website Development Must Address

In the course of the course of website development, a businessperson should expect answers to questions like where can I develop a website and how to build a networking website. And, of course, the answer to how much is it to build a website should be answered early on in the process.

Some of the steps in website development consist of:

Planning: Determining why you wish to build a web site, how much is it to build a website, what is the purpose of your website, how to build a networking website and more.

Content: Determining what content is needed and where it may come from.

Design: What is the purpose of the site and what is the most effective look to achieve that objective.

Construction: The nuts and bolts of how to build a networking website, ecommerce website, or another website genre.

Testing: Making sure everything is operating as it should. Website prototyping is a necessary consideration when it comes to testing.

Webhosting: This is the answer to the question, "Where can I build a web site?"

Marketing: Getting the website noticed through promotion, Search Engine Optimization and many other techniques.

The results of good web development imply that not only does the website look great, but it performs perfectly and as anticipated. It means that considerations of how much does it cost to build a site are taken into account and that features and benefits are analyzed against their expenses.

Which is more important to a website's success, website design or website development? Both. Website visitors make snap decisions on a website in just a few seconds and won't stick around to see if the development is sound if the site doesn't look appealing. And if the development is lacking, they simply won't be back.