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Have you Tried a Website Promotion Exercise   by Mark Thompson

in Marketing    (submitted 2009-03-05)

Go into any internet marketing forum and you'll read loads of theories about how to promote websites. Many of these come from people who have no experience or are just trying to promote their own services. If you want to know what works there is one sure fire way to find out. Conduct your own Website Promotion Exercise.

A website promotion exercise is a way of testing which promotion methods work best for you. It's a simple process and time spent on it will pay dividends in the future. Here are some tips about how to run your website promotion exercise.

1. First you need to choose a suitable keyword phrase. Look for a phrase that doesn't have many results in Google. You can use the phrase between quotation marks to ensure that there is not much competition. So you would go to Google and type in "keyword phrase" in the search box. If that only returns a few results then use that phrase.

2. Once you have your keyword phrase then you can start your testing. The easiest way to start is to create an article or a blog post. From there you can use services like Clipmarks and twitter to create more links and keyword references.

3. The final phrase of your website promotion exercise is to use services like Squidoo, Hubpages, Zimbio and gather and add content contain the keyword phrase. This will soon show up in Google and you'll see which services rank well.

With a few hours of starting the website promotion exercise you will start to see results appear in Google. Whenever I run one of these exercises I usually find that Clipmaks is indexed in under an hour.

To make the whole process a lot more fun why not challenge a friend to see who can rank highest for the keyword phrase. Competition will make your promotion skills stronger, why do you think Ferrarri and other car manufacturers enter race series which can cost them millions of dollars? It's because competition speeds up development and they quickly finds what works and what doesn't. Enjoy your website promotion exercise and use what you learn to increase your Income.

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