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Dynamic Website Development: Some Basic Areas to Stress   by Rohit Sharma

in Web Development / Programming    (submitted 2011-12-23)

Website development has become a key wing of IT-enables services. Customizing dynamic Websites remains a key priority among the entrepreneurs as well as non-commercial customers. Integrating a flexible and user-friendly CMS and graphical interactive layouts forms a key section of Websites. But it should be kept in mind that whatever be the amount of informative content on the Web pages, a site cannot generate attention among the target visitors if it lacks professional appearance.


Establishing a solid base is crucial for developing a dynamic site. In this regard, a height-flexible container that holds the site content is an ideal base to ensure quality outcome. Often simplicity wins over grotesque designs. Black border with a fixed width separates the inner materials from the rest of the Web page. The container section needs to be effectively customized so that its boundary area fluctuates in sync with the content volume.


User-friendly navigation section holds a special area in the Web domain. Web developers always maintain the dynamic functionality of the navigation section. Inclusion of drop-down menu can help this objective in a big way. Drop-downs are quite useful features of a site and guide the Web browser to easily move across different pages. Moreover, Web developers find it easy to customize dynamic drop-downs.

Major categories are placed within a relative div for assigning each of them with ideally-positioned, yet hidden submenu. This hidden section should be visible only when the browser rolls the mouse over it. In this case, the dynamic aspect and height factor of the site automatically adjusted with the numbers of submenu components.

Judicious handling of content:

Web developers often face stiff challenges if they need to present huge amount of content within a single page of the dynamic site. Here Web designing plays the saviors role. Layouts are specially designed to fit that specific amount of content.

SEO service is also an integral aide of professional Web development area. Creating appropriate SEO-friendly designs, such as mixing applications of DHTML and JavaScript enables to effectively handle bulk content loads. Through this method developers seamlessly incorporate tabbed browsing functionality within pages.

Several online art galleries utilize the above procedure to generate attractive and user-friendly navigation platform. Art gallery pages contain a huge number of artwork samples without any over-crowded impression. Scrolling gallery-navigable pages are often built on the combined platform of JavaScript and DHTML. Here also, beautifully designed mouse-over scrolling marks guides the site visitors to their ideal sections.

For ensuring flexibility to artist's profile section, DHTML proves to be quite useful. The profile can be put within navigable DHTML text box. Here effective implementation of the "overflow: hidden" style helps the developers immensely and allows the artists to add more content regarding their profiles.

Professional Web developers in India have gained enough expertise on relevant development and design areas to deliver cutting-edge dynamic Websites. They fully utilize the available advanced technologies and strong infrastructure to meet the challenges of their clients. Website development has gained a top-industry status. Indian companies, such as Unified Infotech empower their clients to keep pace with the fast-moving Web world.