3 Methods To Supercharge Your Website Promotion

Whether your business is targeting an offline or online market and whether you're selling a service, an e-book or online tutorials, website promotion techniques are the key to your success. Your potential market has to know you're out there on the web or else your business is destined to go belly up!

In this article I'm going to share 3 different ways to move forward with promoting your website so you can increase your traffic and your sales.

Article Marketing

The first method is writing articles that are on topic or related to the material on your website or product / service you're promoting. A couple of things to remember are first making sure your material is original. Second never assume that you don't have anything of value to add to the topic. There are thousands and thousands of hungry marketers who are trying to learn the very techniques that you may already be familiar with and finally be sure to write up an author bio which has a link to the website you're promoting. Many of the article directories allow you to set up multiple author bios which come in handy if you have several sites that are focused on different topics.

Social Networking / Bookmarking

Next we'll look at social networking. If you've been on the web for any length of time then you're probably already familiar with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. There are countless social networking sites on the web but the three just mentioned are extremely popular. You will want to go to each of these sites and setup an account. Once this is done you provide a little information about yourself and the website you're promoting. Another good practice is to post daily to these sites. It does not always have to about your product or your site. You might want to just find some info related to your market or product and post that information for your audience to read. The key thing to remember about social networking is that it provides you with a nearly instant audience unlike email marketing in which it takes a little time to build a list of readers. As a website promotion method social networking is priceless.

Video Creation and Submission